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More Complicated and… More Overwhelming…
Turning Your Website Into An Effective Money
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More Difficult All The Time… But There Is Help.”

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If you’re frustrated by the lack of sales from your web site after doing all the hard work… then getting a web site report card may be just what you need.   READ ON…
If you’re confused by the constant changes made by Google and the other search engines… then getting a web site report card may be just what you may need.   READ ON…
If you’re wondering how to drive an abundance of qualified traffic to your web site… then getting a web site report card may be just what you need.   READ ON…
And lastly, if you’re overwhelmed by Web 2.0, but still want to be able to take advantage of it.   READ ON…

From the desks of:
Paul Sterling & Darrell Spangler
Somewhere in the Mountains of CO.

Paul Sterling
Marketing Guy

Darrell Spangler

Howdy Friend,

Okay, before I jump into the meat of the matter…

… let me tell a short story.

What do you get when you mix a marketing monster and a search engine geek?

Well most of the time… you get arguments!

The geek says – “Traffic & SEO are most important…”

The marketer responds – “No, you’re wrong, it’s conversion and sales…”
and so on… back and forth.

This was the same thing for me and my webmaster… each of us holding firmly to our ground.

Most of the time I told Darrell that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was over-rated, and that marketing held the keys to the kingdom. His response… most marketing was sleazy and actually drove people away (and in many cases…he’s right).

Then one day it happened – like when peanut butter and chocolate got together – we decided to see what happened if we really worked together, if we put aside our basis’s and truly cooperated.

WOW… it rocked – the results started coming in. In fact the result were so good on my sites (I have about 161 urls feeding 12 sites and blogs) that others started to take notice and asked what we were doing and could we help them.

Frankly, we were overjoyed… and at the same time… a little overwhelmed.

We were not prepared to handle the volume of requests but luckily I have a background in systems and Darrell has some level of patience. (my previous clients ranged from the Alaskan Native Association to the City of Albuquerque to a hotel chain to a hospital to a Hawaiian construction company– you get the idea).

So we went to work… building, testing and tweaking our system.

Using it on anyone, we could with some amazing… and consistent results. Now don’t get me wrong, the internet is always changing and the system isn’t perfect…

… and the hardest, most important work… our team still does by hand.

But it’s ready to go – the 54 Point Website Marketing & SEO Report Card is an eye-opening, profit-uncovering and results-producing system.

How does our system work?

Great question, thanks for asking…

It’s sort of like taking your car into the shop and having them run a computer diagnostic on it, only in this case, it’s our team giving your site a thorough once over, checking under your hood from two very different points of view.

The first is looking at your site the way Google would – meta tags, meta titles, meta keywords, html, links, etc… second from the customers point of view, checking out your marketing… what’s working and what’s driving your customers to your competitors sites.

What do you get when we are done? Another great question.

What you get is a very precious and specific 54 point site-report-card with a recommendation list of what to change and how to change it… to transform the results of you website – starting today.

Once you receive this detailed report – you can implement the recommendations yourself, hand them to your webmaster… or if you have better things to do, hire us to make it happen.

The purpose of this 54 Pointer is simple: To help small business owners create great websites that Google loves, pull lots of free targeted traffic and coverts them easily into a huge responsive email lists and loyal buying customers?

Here is the catch… We can’t make you implement these recommendations… and unless you do… you will never know how much profit you are leaving on the table.

Our SEO Traffic Specialist will:

  • Analyze you page code and suggest changes to improve your visibility on search engines: a specific 20 point check-up with recommendations
  • Reveal what changes you can make to increase the flow of targeted visitor traffic to your site
  • Check under the hood: see the hidden part of your site the way Google sees it, and will list the changes that need to be made in your HTML
  • Point out the secrets you can use to have Google and other search engines pushing your web-site towards the front page – sometimes with-in hours of making these changes
  • Do a meta tag review, looking over your meta tags and other titles and meta keywords to make sure they’re in the right place to maximize their effectiveness, and to be found by Google and other search engines
  • Give you a detailed report with recommendations to achieve these goals and a supporting video to help you better understand the recommendations we will make in your report


There is an old expression in the world of marketing that goes like this…

“Half a marketing dollars and effort is wasted.
The problem is, I don’t know which half!”

Once our marketing specialist reviews your site – you will have a very idea of which half of your marketing is not working and how to improve it. and… of course… you will still have to test it.

Our Marketing Strategies Specialist will:

  • Do a 34 point “Marketing Makeover Check Up” of your site
  • Review your site from a marketing standpoint, checking several important factors such as layout, headline, copy, etc…
  • Make sure you’re not missing any of the 10 key points needed to maximize your sales
  • Make sure you’re not making any of the five most common marketing mistakes
  • Make sure you’re not wasting the most valuable real estate on your web site
  • Give you a detailed marketing report on your site along with a supporting video to clarify the recommendations we will make


If this looks like a lot of work… and a lot of value for a little money… IT IS. The only reason we are willing to do it at this rate, for a short period of time is we are building our do-it-yourself training course, and this will be a format for that course.

We will also be available to answer any questions you may have on the suggestions and recommendations that we will make in regards to improving you website.

What should you do now? Mmmm, let me see…

the thing to do now is ask yourself “How serious are you about getting the most our of your website?” The most targeted traffic, the most opt-ins to your email list and the most loyal customers.

If you are really serious, grab your credit card right now and click where it says “Click Here” fill in the info… and then we will send a you questionnaire to fill out so our team can get started.

“Basic Analysis & Review” is only $695.00

“As a result, our new visitor hits have increased
substantially and we’ve added new functions on our Home Page.”

When Paul offered his Search Engine Optimization analysis, I first thought we had it covered. After all, we’ve had a webmaster for many years and already had good Google rankings.

Then Paul and Darrell performed an in-depth qualitative and quantitative review, and they found many additional SEO options and improvements. As a result, our new visitor hits have increased substantially and we’ve added new functions on our Home Page. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to raise their on-line visibility to call and utilize the services of Paul and Darrell.

Peter Meisen, Global Energy Network Institute
San Diego, Ca

“I was floundering in a world of ‘metatags’, ‘keywords’, and ‘adword campaigns’…”


“Being new to the internet marketing and web optimization world as part of a new business in Estes Park, I was floundering in a world of ‘metatags, keywords, and adword campaigns’ – not knowing at all what I was doing, or how to go about getting our website listed at the top of all of the search engines. Paul & Darrell came along at just the right time, and helped me immensely with ideas to help the search engines find us quicker. Within a couple of weeks of making the changes that he helped me implement, our website was popping up within the first 3 on Google, and within the first 7 on and

It has paid off exponentially for our business, having worked with them, and I highly recommend his expertise and services to anyone who is looking to expand their business and income.”

Brooke Claassen,
Estes Park, CO

Spa-Founders:  Michelle, Brooke, and Melissa.

So in summary, here’s what you get:

1. Before we even get started. You receive a clarifying questionnaire that will help you better understand who your customers are, what they want and how to sell to them… this alone is worth the full price of the report card.

2. A 54 point check up and report card:

  • 20 points on your SEO and traffic

  • 34 points on improving your marketing and conversion

3. A special report outlining the top 10 the next steps you should take to radically improve the performance of your web site.

Plus you also receive a FREE SPECIAL BONUS!!!

4. A web site marketing blueprint, modified specifically for you, laying out step-by-step, what you need to do to turn your web site around. This would have saved me many months if not years, if I could’ve started with this tool.

Now, it’s decision time. The choice is yours – you know what to do!

To Your Success,

Paul Sterling & Darrell Spangler

P.S.- “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Now it’s your turn to make the decision… and to take that first step. We will show you, step-by-step what to do to make your website more attractive to Google (and other search engines) and more attractive to your prospects… so that you obtain more customers… who spend more money… more frequently… starting today!

P.P.S.Get your site report card today, because of our travel schedules we will only be able to fit a few more report cards in this month, so please, if you want to see your results transformed this year… grab your credit card and click on the button below to reserve you Report Card today.

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