crazy frank kern – master marketer

This is one of the friends I made in
Africa, if you want to my pictures and a
video of my petting a leopard – check out
my facebook page.


Now on to business… here is a video from
one of my marketing mentors…

Find out why some of the best internet
marketers hang of this somewhat crazy…

California Surfing Dude…

In fact… his advice has made them them
millions – it also cost them tens of thousands
of dollars.

In fact… I spent $1,400 bucks to buy his
last training and thought it was a good

Now the guy who is responsible for the
biggest single day product launches on the

4 of his launches combined brought in
over 28 million in combined sales.

Now Frank is offering some of his super
secrets for the price of shipping…

…like $9.95 – yes i bought it right away.

Watch this video and find out more.


To your success,


Get it today before Frank changes his mind…

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