Alex Mandossian – The Millionaire Maker is Doing it Again – over the Phone…

Alex Mandossian, creator of Teleseminar
Secrets is doing it again.

Dear Friends,

Warning: This is not for everyone. In fact the $1,995 price tag may be the most expensive class you have ever taken…

I know it was way more then I was used to spending…

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The key here is Alex over delivers ever time, that is why people like Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, Harv Ecker are all speaking his praise. (see testimonials below)

He has interviewed on live teleseminars almost every one of the top internet marketers and business leaders.

But enough about Alex… the real reason you are reading this email is to see what he can do for you. Can he really teach you to make millions over the phone?

Join us for this introduction and find out!

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I will help you design your first teleseminar

I will even host it on my services
(200 people can listen on the phone
and another 2,000 over the internet)

I will also host the call and interview you… all you have to do is talk and relax

So sign up for the introduction call now and make sure you have a pen and paper ready
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With Passion, Purpose and Power,

Paul Sterling

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“Alex is one of the most effective,
hard-working, clear thinking,
originating guys on the planet.”

Mark Victor Hansen co-author and creator of
the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and One
Minute Millionaire series

“I’ve never seen so many moneymaking
strategies that are so drop-dead powerful.”

Joe Vitale best-selling author, renowned
copywriter and P.T. Barnum historian

“Alex is a natural born teacher, and he
really puts himself into the experience of
his students on the other side of the

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero


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