Cheap Hosting of Mutiple Sites and Domain Names

This is the system I use to get cheap, reliable, dedicated hosting for about 10 business websites and business blogs along with managing my 157 domains names – URLS.  I manage MULTIPLE WEBSITES, all using one inexpensive, business hosting account. (see partial list of sites below)

The right hosting company and it’s easy – the wrong one and it’s hell. Believe me, I know…

The reason I use this combination and recommend it is because the hosting is affordable, flexible and easy to manage. And so are the domain names – but I use separate companies for providing hosting and domain names.

Watch this 8 minute video and then click here to order hosting and purchase domain names.

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Domain Names & URLs

The service I use to buy, sell and manage my domain names (URLS) is Godaddy. When I last checked I had 157 domain names I am managing with their system – very easy.

Visit GoDaddy Click Here To Get Your
Domain Name & URL

Web Hosting

Below is one of the best, most reliable and affordable web hosting companies based on their reliability, price value, customer service, features, control panel, server uptime, and ease of use.

Host Name Website Price Disk Space Bandwidth Score
1 Visit Site $4.95 unlimited unlimited 96%
2 Visit StartLogic Visit Site $4.95 unlimited unlimited 95%
3 Visit Yahoo Visit Site $8.96* unlimited unlimited 87%

*Please refer to the hosts’ website for more information

For most of my web-hosting, including this site, I use Host Gator…

NOW FOR THE WARNING: my job is to tell you what works, and in my mind what doesn’t work – one of my other main sites is and it was hosted with Globat… I would not recommend them to my enemies. They are down often, they have poor customer service and they don’t follow-up on problems.

Here is a partial list of the sites I hosting on one inexpensive hosting package:

and so on…

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