Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to You Too…

Okay what if you could use videos to drive traffic to your site, improve your relationship with your list…


here is the great part…

Not even make the videos.

let me give you an example – on July 31 i wrote this post – which took about 10 minutes to write (yeah i know i am slooowww)

Hot Web Marketing Tools light bulb image I sent it out to our list and so far we have had… 366 hits

You Tube Traffic to Magic Relationship . net

the cool part is that our list send it to their friends and so on… now i know
it’s only 366 hits in 5 days – but we also received 7 emails saying they loved

what a way to add value – try it today… find some great videos on youtube and
create a post in your blog – then watch the response rate.

your marketing mojo coach

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