Twitter Protects Crooks – Safe For Business Accounts???

TWITTER SAFE??? Not for this user.

This will be brief – i had an account with Twitter (a very popular name) since
late 2008 or early 2009 – recently it got hacked, easier than you think, and
they changed my password – and email.

Here is where it really sucks, at the beginning of the year I had over 4000
followers – now i have about 200.

and here is where it really sucks, Twitter will NOT HELP ME get back my

Here is one of  their responses and i quote 
“If you’d like to create a new account, you can
do so here:

A NEW ACCOUNT??? Not a chance.

Here is their empathy skills…

“While we understand it can be disappointing when
you lose access to an account, these account verification
requirements are in place to protect accounts and
private user data.”

I have soooo much data that it is my account – but they
would actually have to CARE…

So WARNING – DO NOT USE TWITTER if you want to
have your account protected…


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