How Powerful Is Social Bookmarking?

Here is a quick post for people who wonder “How Powerful Is Social Bookmarking?” and should I be using it?

ScreenHunter_77_May._07_10.12.gifSocial bookmarking - Hot Web Marketing Tools

As you can tell by the graph the site was getting pretty steady traffic at about 25-35 hits per day… this is all SEO traffic, no PPC…

so on the 29th – my webmaster and I both Social Bookmarked the site.

the results – 193 hits that same day – and still up at 43 the day after and… ‘The day ain’t done yet.’

below is a link to the free tool is the tool we used, if you want a video training on how to use – leave a comment here.

enough comments and i will get on it.

To your success,

Paul Sterling
your marketing mojo coach

PS get ready, next entry will NOT be a free tool. ;-)

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