Two Cool Powerful Free Web-Tools

Okay it’s late so I will be short…

I am on the road again, today I was trout fishing on the Taylor River in SW Colorado.

About 15 beautiful fat brown trout in an hour – it was that good. All catch and release but worth the trip if you are a fly-fishing fan.

The day before that – well I surfing on the new wave in the middle of the Colorado River at Glennwood Springs. oh yeah it a standing wave, about 5 feet high and i was surfing in my kayak.

Tomorrow… Brown’s Canyon class 3 – 4 rapids.

Okay, way too much about me and the freedom internet marketing can bring to you… here are the tools.

1) Web Site Grader… just enter your web-site and get some a report I would charge $250 – $500 for…

2) Brower Shots… ever wonder what you site looks like to Mac Users or on other browsers?

Hope you love them, leave me your comments and have a great summer,

Paul Sterling
Your MarketingMoJo Coach

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