For Authors & Info Marketers Only….

My friend and associate, Alex Mandossian
has come up with a program where you can
become a best selling author and never have
to leave home.

What follows is an email I sent out to my
clients and students…

The reason I am posting it is because I
taken almost everyone of Alex’s classes
and even some projects together with him.

Alex knows he stuff…

but even more importantly, he knows
how to teach others…

read on and click on the link.

To your profitable future,


Paul Sterling
RE: Sell Books Faster, Better, Easier

Hi John,

This is about a ‘convenient truth’…

It was discovered on a warm November
evening, back in the fall of 2002.

That’s when my colleague Alex Mandossian
met Al and Tipper Gore in Marin County,
California during a live, in-person book
signing for ‘Joined At The Heart,’ their
Owl books national best-seller.

After the Gores and their fans left the
bookstore, Alex asked a woman behind the
counter how many books sold that night…

…her answer shocked him…

“Several hundred,” was her reply. “This
was one of the biggest book signings we
have ever had,” she added proudly.


->> Pathetic Book Sales For Gores <<-


Frankly, Alex couldn’t believe his ears…

He remembers thinking, “Here’s a former
U.S. Vice President traveling from city
to city, hotel room to hotel room…’

“…and all he had to show from his
effort was a measly few hundred books?!”

At a $2 royalty per book, Al (or other
authors) would be required to travel to
over 500 book store locations just to
break-even with a 6-figure advance.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?!

It seemed like an inadequate marketing
model to Alex back then, and it still
seems inadequate to him and me too :-)


->> Why I’m Writing You This Note <<-


How about you?

How do you feel about the traditional
book marketing authors utilize today?

If you’re an author, info marketer or
Entrepreneurial CEO with a book in your
heart, then I want you to keep reading
because what you’re about to learn may
be the most “powerful” force in the
book publishing universe.

To get access to Alex’s *live* 2-hour
teleseminar training on June 5th at
6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, see below…

Turn up your speakers and click here:

For Authors & Info Marketers Only….

This VIP Code Saves You $79: gabe1025
(Bonus for the first 200 registrants)

When you think about how much time and
effort it takes to write a book, it’s
crazy to think about how little money
you’ll earn (per book)…even if you
get backing from a major publisher.


->> Why Book Marketing Is Obsolete <<-


Alex knew in 2002, as he knows today,
that a “Virtual Book Tour” is a much
better way to sell more books (or info
products) faster, easier … even if
major publishers reject you.

Why go through what the Gores went
through in 2002? Why go bookstore to
bookstore with your “dog-’n'-pony”
show when you can do it faster and
easier from the comfort of your home?

The “Virtual Book Tour” is the answer
and on June 5th, Alex will show you
the step-by-step methods to conduct
“VBTs” … just like he has done for
best-selling authors such as:

Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, David
Bach, Julie Andrews, Stephen Covey,
Mark Victor Hansen, Harvey Mackay,
Jay Conrad Levinson, Raymond Aaron,
Christine Comaford-Lynch and others.

Turn up your speakers and click here:

This VIP Code Saves You $79: gabe1025
(Bonus for the first 200 registrants)

Why should authors physically travel
from town to town pitching their books
when they could just as easily do it
“virtually” during a live teleseminar?

And you don’t even have to be famous
to become a successful “VBT” author.

All you need is a message, a mouth
and a telephone and you’re golden!!


->> Register, Even If You’re Busy <<-


Look, even if you have a schedule
conflict on June 5th, I want you to
register anyway because Alex told
me that he’d make the replay to the
call available June 7th.

So you really have no excuse not to
register. Here’s why to do it now:

-> Over 2 live hours of tele-training
-> Unlimited recorded access for life
-> Unconditional money-back guarantee
-> Multi-page Action Guide (PDF download)

Here’s the link one last time:

Your VIP Discount Code is: gabe1025

Please do what it takes to dial-in
12 minutes early to introduce yourself
to the hundreds of other Entrepreneurs
who will also be on the call.

Calling in early is a great way to
get *free* promotion for your website
or business. So get registered now, ok?

Thanks For Reading,


P.S. Remember, if you have a schedule conflict,
get registered anyway because you’ll get access
to the recordings 48 hours after the live event!

Here’s your registration link one more time:

VIP Code: gabe1025 <– Saves you $79 on tuition!

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