Product Launch Formula 2 – Is Jeff Crazy?

Now that seams crazy… only for sale for one day.

you have a product on marketing, one of the best even, that takes this very complicated process of making money on the internet and teaches people step-by-step how to bust the code.

so… not only making money, but also dominating almost any niche in a short period of time…

(Jeff being grilled by Eban Pagan and Frank Kern – two of the most successful underground internet marketing bad boys who make millions ever year using Jeff’s secret tactics and tools.)

Why would he only going to sell for one day, today, April 2 and then take it off the market.

Is Jeff Crazy?

That’s always possible, but not hear… in fact he knows what he is doing. He already did this once and did $1,200,000 in about an hour.

also the classes start April 7 and he need time to get everything set up and going for all the new students.

if you ever wanted to dominate your market place, now is the time, this is the tool.

Please read the BEAR STORY below.

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Still not sure, call my office for a free 15 minute review to see if it will work for you.

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