Product Launch Formula 2 – Will Re-Open Door For…

Product Launch Formula 2 – Will Re-Open Door for about 3-4 hours on this Wednesday.

But I am getting ahead of myself…

I just got an email from Jeff… and yes… he practiced what he preached.

He brought in $1,200,000 in about 60 minutes - even though their server crashed. WOW!

Don’t get me wrong, i know that it took months of preparation… but still one point two million dollars – WOW.

Let me tell you a quick story about a friend who is thinking about buying, but is a little overwhelmed about learning all the new info.

She has two options -

the first is to pay me the $2,000 to run a mini launch for her… which would really put her health care business on the map.


The second is to buy the program herself and still get some one on one coaching from me as part of the $999 free bonus for the first 5 people who purchase through my affiliate link.

(see the story below if you’re interested in this $999 bonus — get 3 hours of my personal coaching which will include, but isn’t limited to, a web-marketing audit and coaching on ‘owning’ the front page of Google.

Maybe you can relate. My friend is very busy with her business and very successful – but wants to take her business to the next level and stop trading all her precious time for money. She words everyday, and some nights and doesn’t want to commit much more her time to marketing.

“How do i keep doing what i am doing… and learn all that new stuff?”

The key here is you don’t have to learn it all at once.

And here’s a short story to make my point.

Two hikers were walking through the forest when they saw a big bear across a clearing… and the the bad news was that the bear saw them too… and was in a bad mood.

He started to charge them. The one hiker started to run. The other sat down and took off his hiking boots and started putting on sneakers. His buddy saw this and yelled over his shoulder, “why you doing that, you can’t outrun the bear”.

The guy with the sneakers yelled back, “I don’t have to out run the bear. i just have to outrun you.”

Ouch – that is a little harsh but you get the point. In business what you need to do is out run your competition in your customer’s mind.

To add more real value and perceived value, consistently…that is what Jeff’s Product Launch Formula system teaches you to do.

Is it worth 2 grand – that’s up to you to decide… but when he opened the doors to some of the smartest, most successful business people on the internet – they bought it for themselves.

how many? well you figure it out, $1,200,000 in just about 60 minutes.

if you are even thinking about it – get over to and put your name and email on the list.

Jeff will be offering the PLF2 for sale again for just a few hours on Wednesday, April 2nd starting at noon east coast time. be ready… and if you have any questions – call or email me.

Paul Sterling
(970) 586-7734

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