Product Launch Formula 2 – Closes Door – Did You Miss out…

it’s Saturday…

and if you,ve had your ear to the internet marketing buzz – you’ve heard about Jeff Walker’s PRODUCT LAUNCH FORMULA – part DEUX – the new, improved, more-better, sequel…

Hi Friends,

if you haven’t heard about this product yet, i doubt i will convince you to buy a $2,000 product from this short email.

the product is not even available to buy right now anyway. Jeff had his server crash as soon as he opened it for sale… that’s how many people were waiting to buy.

once he got it running again he sold so many copies he had to take it down again in just a few hours.

i know — i was waiting in line… and yes… you bet i bought in the first hour.

and yes i am an affiliate…

so why i am writing if you can’t buy the product right now???

simple — i have been in contact with Jeff’s office and i think he is going to open it up again for a very shot period…

so if you were thinking about getting Product Launch Formula 2 – you will want to be on the waiting list.

even if you don’t want to buy - you get a damn good training in marketing just from watching his free videos in exchange for your first name and email…

lastly… if you are thinking of getting PLF2… buy it from me you’ll get a bonus you can’t refuse (or at least you should look at very closely)…

I am going to work with the first 5 people who buy through my link and give them my personal coaching to help set up their first launch. (note–as of 3/29/08 there are two spaces left)

  • this includes a $999.00 web-site and marketing audit…
    • you end up with a clear marketing blue-print
    • your strengths and weaknesses laid out
    • your next steps prioritized…
  • and as a very special bonus
    • ‘Own Google’s Front Page’ (see results below)
    • we start with Keyword search, selection and domination
    • then we work with you in how to use those keywords in
      • Articles for free traffic & SEO ranking
      • Videos for free traffic & SEO ranking
      • Web 2.0 for free traffic & SEO ranking
      • Social Bookmarking for free traffic & SEO ranking

if you are interested – go put your name and email at the link below

and contact my office asap so you can be part of the first group we work with… because of the intensity, individualization and attention needed for each person we are limiting this to only 5 business’s at a time.

if you have any questions… you can email or call me,

Paul Sterling
(970) 586-7734

PS: not interested in Product Lunch Formula 2 but still want a web-site – marketing audit? – contact our office… please be patient as it may take a few days to get back to you – our PLF 2 clients are keeping very busy and are our priority right now…
PPS: go check out the my results in Owning Google’s Front Page. Just go to Google and type in… – on fuller living – we have all the first page – most of the second – sexual myths video – most of first page – sexual myths podcasts – most of first page (just did that on Friday) – paul sterling articles – most of first page – the list goes on…. 

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