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Below are some of the results on Google and a thank you note I sent the creator of Article-Post-Robot…

Dear David,

I just wanted to thank you… I purchased Auto-Post-Robot several weeks ago on 10/30/06… and at that time you
would have had a hard time finding me and my website on Google. We had about twenty articles on our site but they didn’t bring in much traffic.

After using your software, to upload several of those same articles… I just checked on Google 5 Relationships Mistakes‘ and we are now listed in positions 1-2-3-4-5 and 10 on the first page of Google search. Today is 11-19-06 so it is just about twenty days later.

When I entered my name and articles ‘Paul Sterling articles’ the results are pretty amazing there too.

This time it was… and these are on page one of the Google search results… position 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 skip one and then 7 and 8… And this only a few of the searches… and only after several weeks… and I am only starting.

Thanks so much

Paul Sterling

So here is the lowdown… this program is great and it has some challenges… it is a slight pain in the butt to set up and there is a learning curve. Anyone who buys it from my link below will get several training screencapture videos I wish I had when I was starting

But once you get going… this tool will save you days of uploading and drive the traffic to your door…

There is also a second secret for ramping up your rating you will get on how to make the most out of each article…

Click here to find out more….

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