Product Launch Formula Is Happening TODAY

Jeff Walker has done an amazing job at building interest, momentum and profits… launching his launching system.

He’s practicing what he preaches while thousands of people are watching.

Way to go, Jeff.

Even if you are not going to buy his new system – Product Launch Formula 2 – it’s worth it just to sign in and watch the free videos… (his has already given away almost a whole internet marketing course just in the free stuff)…

Now, it may not be for you… but if it is, you’d better act fast. Jeff expects it to sell out in about 6 hours… 6 HOURS!

There are so many ways to use this system – Kristin and I are using it to launch an upcoming teleseminar series on The Sexual Myths That Destroy Intimacy…

Kristin, and I teach compassionate communication for couples through our company,

We have a survey instrument up that gleans people’s needs around relationship communication. And we noticed that a whole lot of people are telling us that they urgently need some help around sexuality or, they believe, their relationship will end.

It took a bit, but finally, when Kristin and I had our own upset over sex, we went to our coach, Linda Hampton, and she helped us turn around the upset into closeness and connection in only one session.

But rather then do business as usual – we decided to use your launch technology.

So… We asked Linda if she’d be willing to discuss the same Sexual Myths with our clients as she had discussed with us. And she said yes!

So we’ve put together a free teleseminar to be followed by a series of teleseminar classes.

First we put together an Ask Campaign – and boy are we getting some good questions form the people signing up!

We took those questions and stripped them of identification and posted some of them on the blog for other people to see what questions we’ll be addressing. It’s building interest and participation.

We’ve got some natural ‘scarcity’ in that Linda doesn’t do teleseminars and probably won’t do any teleseminars again in the near future. Plus we only want to work with 30 couples on the line so that they get personalized attention for what can be issues that are very difficult to talk about.

We’ve also used the Ask Campaign questions in our email broadcasts to let people know about the teleseminars.

And we’re getting an incredibly good response! I’m actually a bit surprised – when people have spent years avoiding the discussion of sex and intimacy with their partner, or anybody else, I didn’t know if they would want to sign up for this examination of their own belief systems.

But they do! Woohoo!

We have more people interested in the call then we can handle and they don’t even know the price yet…

Paul Sterling

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