The Hardest Part About Teleseminars is…

The Hardest Part About Teleseminars is… just getting started.

The first one is always the hardest – so lets get you started, even if it’s with training wheels.

This is a simple step-by-step example to get you going – later I will show you how to make money with teleseminar secrets revealed.

For this example…
Everyone always asks about your mother cake baking secret recipes.

So here we go – your mom will be the expert – and you will be interviewing her.

The product she is selling is an ebook for $19.95 Mom Super Secret Baking Recipes

1) open an account with a teleseminar (conference calling company)
here is a free service that evens records your calls for later playback

2) decide if you are going to be the expert or interview someone else… In the case you are interviewing your mom.

3) design the call – normally between 45 – 70 minutes – in this case 45 minuites…

4) create a studyguide for people to follow along with the call.

5) create a series of emails (3 of them is normal)
Subject line – MOM finally cracks under pressure and reveals super-secret family recipes.
send emails out 7 days in advance – 3 days in advance – day of call….

6) send them out – make sure to include

  • the phone number
  • the passcode
  • the study guide
  • th time of call – and the time zone

7) start the call on time. Get on a little early and let people introduce themselves.

8) timing of the call…

  • first 10 minutes – introduce self and mom – reason for call
  • the call starts 3 tips of the 55 covered in the ebook
  • 25 minutes call to action – go to our web-site and buy ebook
  • 2 more tips
  • final call to action

There you go – pretty easy.

Here is an example of a teleseminar Kristin and I did about Compassionate Communication for Couples… we gave it away to listeners on radio show interview with Playboy Radio.

Make sure to learn more with by listening in on a teleseminar with Alex Mandossian.

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