Teleseminar Tools… The conference Service.

Here a couple of tools I recommend.

The free ones first… and there is lots of them, i have not done a study of them, i just found a couple that worked over time and stuck with them.

Free Conference offers a wide variety of services – many of them are free (very cool when starting up) including free recording.

Another one we have used is

And here is the last one – which is what we use now because of it’s extra features.

Instant Teleseminars.

These include the interactivity over the web… people can ask questions live – using an IM system (instant messaging) – you can have up to 200 listening over the phone, 2000 over the web.

INSTANT REPLAY recording of the calls. This feature alone is worth the price.
click here for a replay example…

Rick, the owner, has given me the option to let you
Get a 21-Day Trial for $1

Here is my affliate link to make sure you get the special

Which ever way you choose, pick one today and get started.

to your success,

Paul Sterling

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