Turn Cold Prospects Into Hot Customers With One…

Almost every internet Marketing Guru out there says the money is in the list.

Every heard that?

Well it partly true and mainly BS.

Yes you need a list, but if that was all that mattered you could use a phone book… or buy a list off the internet.

There are several problems with that, first, unless they asked for and want your email, it’s spam. And that can get you shut down quickly.

Second thing is unless they feel like they know you, they like you and they trust you… you don’t really stand a chance of selling them anything.

On a daily basis I get emails telling me some distant rich relative died leaving me millions and all I need to do is send them my name (that’s a clue right there - if we were really related they would have my name) my address… and oh yes, my bank account number so they can just deposit the money.

My first reaction, and I hope it’s your’s to, is no way… then delete.

So how do you get past the gate keeper and build a relationship of interest and trust with cold prospects? How do light a fire under their butt so they excited about buying what you have to sell?

Simple, not always easy, but simple.

Give before you ask for anything in return… provide something very valuable to them for free so they are going WOW, if that’s what they are giving away… I can’t wait to see what the are selling.

One key strategy for doing this is… Free Teleseminars – or low cost ones… these are like conference calls on steroids. These calls normally last between 30 – 70 minutes and cover some topic of interest to your prospects.

The topics are usually “HOW TO do something” and need to tie into what you are marketing and can range from “Internet Marketing” to “SEO” to “Dog Training Tips” to “Building Blogs For Play or Profit” to “Relationship Coaching” to you guessed it, even “Teleseminar Secrets” – how to use teleseminars to create millions or maybe just financial freedom so one person can quit their job and stay home with the kids.

You can also provide a way to answer questions and interact with your prospects.

Once they have heard you on the phone they start to trust you. This is especially true if you call was personal, profession and provided lots of value.

To help you know if this is for you i want you to do two thing… don’t worry, they are both pretty easy.

First go down to my FREE GUIDE Entry and fill in your name and email address – I will then send you the Teleseminar Secrets FREE GUIDE

Then the next thing takes a little more commitment. I have tried to make it as painless as possible but it will still take a little over an hour and $20 bucks. That is a $79 savings

What i am suggesting is if you are serious at all about learning what it takes to really succeed on the internet – learn from the best. Click Here and Sign up for the Teleseminar about teleseminars.

So in closing… turn your cold prospects into hot customers with one power pack, information full, value adding teleseminar phone call. Get started today.

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